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The Most Beautiful Beaches You’ve Never Heard Of, According To Travel Influencers

From Italy to Cuba, here’s where to go if you’re looking for a new favorite spot.

For many people, summertime means lazy days spent on the beach.

While there are plenty of beautiful beaches to chose from in America, why not go a bit far out and spend some (virtual) time at some lesser-known spots around the world?

Cesme, Turkey
“Cesme, a beautiful seaside town on the Aegean coast, is well known amongst locals for its turquoise waters, bohemian after parties, fresh seafood and rustic stone houses,” says @goodcityguides.


Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

“The beauty of Guatemala is as authentic as it gets. A country rich in history, culture and spirit that makes for an unparalleled travel destination,” says @luna_zorro.

Manshausen Island, Norway

“Manshausen Island, owned by famous Norwegian polar explorer, Børge Ousland, is one of the most remarkable travel experiences I’ve had due to its pristine beauty and remote location situated perfectly between the sea and the mountains of Norway. The impeccable focus on design and hospitality combined with the stunning landscape and outdoor tranquility make Manshausen an exceptional place to get away from it all,” says Allison Quinn (@aquinnm) for Tiny Atlas Quarterly.

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